Virtual AGM

We’ll ensure the business of your Annual General Meeting gets done while providing an enjoyable experience for all delegates. You have enough things to worry about. Technology should not be one of them.


Full Service Advantages

  • Professionally managed by our team of experts.
  • Allows you to focus on organizing your AGM.
  • No need to purchase or maintain equipment.
  • Flawless production by experienced, certified webcast producers.

Voting Platform

  • Motions appear on screen when called upon by the Chair.
  • Only voters can vote but guests can see and hear results.
  • Weighted and proxy voting.
  • We’ll provide a voting operator to program your motions and display them.
  • Real time amendments and new motions.
  • Facilitates elections.
  • All results digitally captured.

Delegate Status

  • Real-time display of how many voters are online to meet quorum.
  • Change the status of any registrant to “Non voter” or “voter”. 
  • Customized registration allows you to update and expand the profile of each delegate.
  • Powerful analytics lets you know who logged in, when and for how long.

Professional Production

  • Dedicated producer.
  • Dry run/rehearsal.
  • Keynote speeches with slides.
  • Presenters can share screen.
  • Corporate branding.
  • All proceedings are recorded.
  • Media gallery hosting
Typical Login Page

Mover and Seconder 

  • Names appear when buttons are clicked
  • Separate screen allows for discussion 
  • Mover and seconder alone or together
Typical Live Page with Question Box

One Vote 

  • Basic voting allows one vote per delegate
  • Option for “abstaining”
  • Motions can feature a 60-second countdown timer
  • Motion closes when vote is done


Multiple Voting 

  • Delegates representing those not in attendance can vote differently for each vote cast
  • Number of votes carried is displayed
  • Voter cannot submit votes until all votes are cast.