Promotion Tips

Maximize your webcast audience size. 

To help promote your webcast, we’ll send your viewers reminder emails. But there are other actions to maximize attendance as well. Here are a few successfully used by clients.

Best days and times The best days of the week are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The best time is based on where the majority of your online audience might be watching.  Keep in mind different time zones.
Promote on your home page Include a promotional message and link to the webcast on your website home page at least a couple of days before the event.
Use your social media accounts Similarly, promote on all of your social media accounts.
Use your email list If you have a database of subscribers, include a promotional message in your email newsletter.
List the benefits Include a list of why people should attend. What takeaways will there be? What will viewers learn? How will the content impact their lives?
Include advance materials Consider having your presenters produce a short “teaser” video that outlines what they’ll be discussing. Include biographies, photos and any relevant background documentation. We can help you in planning and developing an advance package.