Recordings from actual webcasts to demonstrate what is possible.

Webcasting that’s out of this world!

This unique live webcast linked Queen’s University with the International Space Station. Delegates questioned astronaut Drew Feustel as he floated high above earth. The stream was a collaboration between NASA, Queen’s  and Virtual Webcasting. Watch to see if Drew can establish contact.

Webcast your next event!

In this special broadcast, four cameras are strategically positioned throughout the building, capturing not only the stage, but an upper hallway where Prince Charles made his way through the crowds.

Flexible Layouts

The possibilities are endless for how your webcast can appear. In this medical press conference, the association’s logo is in the bottom left corner with the podium camera shot above and large slides over to the right. 

Add captioning

Make your webcasts accessible to people with hearing disabilities and all audiences. Closed captioning is mandatory for most public sector webcasts and is a best practice at all times. 

Panel Discussions

Save thousands otherwise spent on sending your experts around the globe by webcasting them virtually.

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