Our Story

Webcast Canada began with a request from a client.

Experience Counts. A lot. Our teams have produced thousands of webcasts.

It was back in 1999 that a client of our parent company, Galbraith Communications, asked us if we could webcast their messages across the world.

They had read about this new technology from a newspaper article. Back then, we were a writing and research firm and knew nothing about live streaming. But always up for a challenge, CEO Cory Galbraith hired a team of technical developers who produced one of the first webcasting platforms based on flash coding.

This old 2004 photo shows an executive using the original skype-like platform to show slides and give a presentation. 

It was in 2005, when an employee suggested we not only offer the “technology” but also full service to broadcast events – that business picked up substantially.

It was a game changer.

By 2006, clients from all over North America were contacting us to webcast their events.

We created the “Virtual Webcasting” brand and now…

 Years later, we are among the
webcast companies in the world.