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Our experienced team will take care of everything for you. From customized login to after-broadcast archiving.

Webcast Canada Case Studies
Virtual Events

Professionally managed virtual events including Annual General Meetings, Town Halls and Conferences.


Our industry-leading guarantee on all labor, equipment and streaming is your peace of mind to protect your reputation.

Webcasting that is 100% Guaranteed


Webcasting that’s out of this world!

This unique live webcast linked a conference at Queen’s University in Kingston with the International Space Station. Watch to see if contact is made!

Virtual Webcasting Advantages


Our advance inspection, multi-point checklist and unlimited viewership ensure rock solid stability. 


Virtual Webcasting can accommodate multiple languages.


Embed codes

Insert live and recorded webcasts directly into your website in addition to your sponsor and partner sites.


We offer a full range of options, from branded email reminders and registration pages to captioning and text transcripts.

 The Virtual Webcasting Experience

Live full-service webcasting at its best.  Your viewers will enjoy ease of use; clear, beautiful HD video; outstanding sound quality; and uninterrupted streaming. Protect your reputation with our industry leading guarantee on reliability and quality. Backed by the award-winning advanced technologies of Microsoft Azure and Akamai streaming, our webcasting services for companies and organizations are trusted by the world’s largest brands.

Virtual Webcasting specializes in live full-service webcasting of conferences and presentations in which viewers can send in their questions and comments. We are not an off-the-shelf provider. Instead, American Webcast Services provides customized solutions to meet specific requirements for client companies and organizations. For example, some of our clients require confirmation of viewer attendance for accreditation purposes. Welcome to webcasting that is 100% guaranteed. Whatever your requirements, our development team is listening. Tell us about your plans!


Virtual Webcasting adjusts to the speed of each viewer’s Internet bandwidth to prevent stoppages. Viewers can also choose their quality, ranging in resolutions of 160p to 1080p.


Webcast Canada matches your screen size perfectly, whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or large screen desktop monitor.